Friday, February 4, 2011

Worst game ever? Possibly!

I shall damn the day i spent $20 on this seemingly crappy game

The storyline is there. It is just THERE.

We have the hot girl, set on revenge, armed with guns and a samurai sword, all set on a t background of Hong-Kong China (from what i can see).


But no, they had to ruin it with crappy and confusing gameplay. FAIL.

I have only just started playing the game, but i already cannot STAND the controls. And while cool at first, after a while the constant slow-mo shooting just gets ANNOYING!

The graphics, so far, are meh. They're good, but not spectacular, and the only thing that makes the graphics slightly outstanding is the film scratch effected used throughout the game. It gives it that really arthousy feel that i LOVE in games and movies.

I have yet to finish the game though. I shall ATTEMPT to get through it, but there are no promises.

Assassins Creed2 and Fallout3 are first priority to me at the moment.

Anyway, i'm going to go have shooting practice with this thing!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

MY. MAC. :3

I has it.

I'm writing on it right now.


It's beautiful.

I cannot WAIT to play Black Ops on it!
Or Bioshock!
Or Portal!!

Just wanted to let you all know.

I'm going back to school tommorow, so i'll be playing a little less, but i've gotten through the start of Fallout 3, and a bit further in Assassins Creed, so i'm making good progress so far.

So there will be some stuff to review soon! ^_^

I shall now go and play with my Mac.
In the dirty sense.



Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Muthafuckin Game Review

Hello my fellow zombie smashers!
I have finished another game!

Yes, yes, i know, i'm just THAT amazing! Thank you!

However, this game is not one that i have been talking about very much.
This is because i didn't think i would ever finish it!

What game is this, you ask?
Well, it would have to be none other than...

This game has got to be the BEST game for breakups EVER.

The entire point of the game is to just shoot zombies and monsters. That's it.
Simple. And Easy.

Okay, now for the actuall review.

So, this game is part of the 'HOTD' series, which is basically just a Zombie shooter. It's probably one of the classic Zombie shooters, starting out as an Arcade Game a while ago. You've probably all played it before at the movies or the arcade or something.

When i first started playing this game i wasn't sure whether i was going to absolutely love it because of it's likeness to a Quintin Tarantino movie, or if i was going to absolutely hate it....because of it's likeness to a Quintin Tarantino movie.

I LOVE Kill Bill, and Pulp Fiction, and while playing HOTD: Overkill, all i could think about was the similarities the game had to Pulp Fiction.

Basically, HOTD: Overkill, is Pulp Fiction with zombies.

I would also like to say that this game is NOT for Children, or Religious people.
HOTD: Overkill is in the 'Guinuss Book Of World Records' for having the most swears in it that any other game out at the moment. It's swear count is around 202 worlds. Double that if you include 'muthafucker/muthafuckin as two words.

There is also LOTS of....unnatural....sexual content in the game.
For example, there is a real 'Mother Fucker' as the main villian.
I found this really quite disturbing.

The graphics....meh.
Not great, not exactly bad. Almost borderline bad. But...bareable.
There's not real storyline either, and it's a little creepy even.

But it's GREAT for blowing off steam and has a certain....zombie charm to it which makes it playable!

All in all, i think i'm going to rate this game a... 6/10.
Could have been done better folks, but it's good enough to play i guess.

Anyway, comming up for review next is probably Assassins Creed 2, so please keep watch for that!

It'll be good, tust me.


Thursday, January 27, 2011



I have been sidetracked.

Yes, yes yes, this is a stupid excuse, i know, but i have my reasons!

Social stuff has gotten in the way of my gaming.
My life is slowly falling apart, and not in the interesting 'climax' middle of the storyline way, more like the 'tragic ending' kinda way.

I'm losing A LOT of things i care about.

People have been dying, getting sick, IGNORING ME (nudge fucking nudge) and just nothing is going well at the moment.

However, there is some good news!

I have purchased Fallout3 and a game called WET!!
These games will be accompanied by the games 'Assassins Creed 2' and 'Trauma Center: New Blood'

I'm very exited to be playing these games, most of them are really really good.
From what i've heard at least....

Also, some other good news is that i've been saving up and have almost enough money to buy Black Ops for my PS3! FINALLY!!! I cannot WAIT to get it! :3

And, i now have a PSN ID
If you want to add me, please do, and make sure you tell me who you are and if you read my blog, cuz i'd LOVE to know!

My ID is - Little_Sister2

Yeah. BioShock. Shush.
I like it. :P

Anyway people, i am going to leave you my dearies, i'm going to go hassle my parents for the PS3! ^_^


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fill in and GETTING THERE!

Okay, super duper quick post just updateing you all on what i've been doing the past two weeks! A new, more detailed post will be comming soon (this means PICTURES people!), but i have to get home first and clean everything up on my computer. > . <

Okay, so first up! There are some v
ery big and important things that have happened!

. I got into my new school officially
. I got to Adelaide. Somehow. Without drowning. (YAY)
. I got a tan (FINALLY!!)
. I bought Assassins Creed 2 to replace Bioshock 2.
. I bought a Mac.

Yes folks, a Mac.
Macbook pro to be precise.
For school.

HAH! Who am i kidding!?

Yeah it's for school, but you all know me!
If i can get Bioshock to work on it i am going to USE IT!!

So some new projects comming up soon are:

. Bioshock
. Portal (even though i can already quote GLaDOS....perfectly.)
. CoD: Black Ops (i'm still trying to decide whether i'll play this on the PC or the PS3. A lot of people say PS3)
And (maybe) MORE!

If i get payed!


Anyway, a quick update on my gaming stats!
I've been playing.....NOTHING.

Wait, that's a lie.
I've been playing Pokemon!

I got my 6th Badge! Yay!
I'm getting there!!

But that's about it.

Yeah. I fail. Shush. I'M GETTING THERE!!!

Okay, so thats about it for now my lovely little 8bit bites! I have to get off my sister's computer, or she's going to chop me up into little pieces with a spork.

Oh yeah. She can do that.
She's just THAT deadly. And no amount of playing Assassins Creed is going to save me from THAT.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Water, water everywhere, and not a highway to drive on....

Everyone knows that electronics and water don't mix well.
Which is why i have, once again, been deprived of my games.

I am quite annoyed.

We (we being me and my family) are currently on our way Adelaide to get away from the flooding up north. But because of all this flooding, all the roads are closed, we are currently stuck in Arrarat until the roads open up again.

So, i am stuck in a sleeazy motel, typing this up on my sister's school laptop, while i wait for Steam to finish upgrading and/or the roads to open up.

I am bored out of my mind.

Yes, i know, i should go get my DS or something and go progress in one of my many, MANY projects i currently have running, but no. I can't.
Because all of my stuff is in the back of my Dad's car, and he will NOT, under any circmstances, unload the car.

So, i am stuck in pure boredom for the next 13 or so hours.

Anyway, i will blog again when i get to Adelaide and have played some games.
I will also try to let you all know about the gaming scene in Adelaide at the moment, if i can! What everyone is buying, and what everyone is playing ect...
So keep reading my lovely little 8bit apples!!!


Monday, January 10, 2011

LDL: Now compleate with real Females! (fist LAN post)

Okay, so on Saturday, i had the very lovely pleasure of going to the Bunyip LDL: Lemon Death LAN. It was the BEST night, and i met heaps of awesome people, who i now love, and got to play a lot of amazing games.

I also got my kills up to 20 by the end of the night.
I'm not boasting, just saying.

Anyway, my review of LDL January 2011-

Heaps of people, great area connection, and some really great games played too.
You mix this with the fact that the players there were really talented at the same time, and my 4 cartons of 600ml Chocolate Milk, and you have THE winning combination.

However, i did NOT like the location.

It was dusty, and a bit grotty, and kinda hard to find (thank you JUSTIN for not answering my texts!), but for the amount of people there were there, it was a pretty good size, and we didn't seem to have much of a problem fitting everyone in!
Oh, and the fridge sucked. Just sayin. My chocolate milk ended up being WARM.
NOT HAPPY. > . <

Anyway, it's definatly a LAN i would want to go to again, and i urge you all to go if you're in the Bunyip Area next time! It was super fun, and it'd be GREAT to know if you're reading my blog (hint hint, nudge nudge)!

Anyway, until next time my lovely dears, go play safely, and try not to kill your teamates because you die if you do