Friday, February 4, 2011

Worst game ever? Possibly!

I shall damn the day i spent $20 on this seemingly crappy game

The storyline is there. It is just THERE.

We have the hot girl, set on revenge, armed with guns and a samurai sword, all set on a t background of Hong-Kong China (from what i can see).


But no, they had to ruin it with crappy and confusing gameplay. FAIL.

I have only just started playing the game, but i already cannot STAND the controls. And while cool at first, after a while the constant slow-mo shooting just gets ANNOYING!

The graphics, so far, are meh. They're good, but not spectacular, and the only thing that makes the graphics slightly outstanding is the film scratch effected used throughout the game. It gives it that really arthousy feel that i LOVE in games and movies.

I have yet to finish the game though. I shall ATTEMPT to get through it, but there are no promises.

Assassins Creed2 and Fallout3 are first priority to me at the moment.

Anyway, i'm going to go have shooting practice with this thing!


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